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Was talking to wzdd last night about the blogs that we read and agreed that we should share them around. I used to have heaps in an rss feed, but had to turn them all off because I was wasting too much time. Below is a selection of blogs I read regularly:

Pop Feminist - This is my favouritest new blog. It's about feminism and popular culture and I love the way she writes. It's full of all kinds of interesting feminist analyses and social commentary, including topics such as: reassessing the feminist potential of the Spice Girls, or examining Beatlemania in relation to race and masculinity. Good stuff!

Nosey In Newtown - Nosey celebrates neighbourhood and community and encourages you to take notice of what's going on around you. Whether it be the mystery of the lost toys, or finding beauty in the everyday, Nosey is a reminder to take delight in the things going on in your part of the world.

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Hungry - This blog gets points just for its name. :) I read quite a few food-related blogs. This is my current fave. It's got photos (yay food porn!), cafe/restaurant reviews around Sydney, and fun/quirky stories about the pleasures of food and sharing a meal.

Grab Your Fork - Another food blog. I like this for similar reasons to the above. It also has recipes and delicious photos. :)

Home Cooked Theory - Written by a cultural studies researcher based in Brisbane. She writes about life as an academic, politics and popular culture, current research projects, and the state of cultural studies in Australia. Always interesting and insightful.

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