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:: penelly ::

: red serenade :

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academia, activism, art, asylum seekers, atheism, augie march, australian films, australian music, autumn, backpacking, bbc period dramas, ben folds five, ben kweller, big heavy stuff, breakfast, breakfast in bed, brendan fraser, brian setzer orchestra, buffy, cate blanchett, chagall, cheese, cherry ripes, chocolate, coffee, cooking, cooking shows, coriander, creature comforts, cultural studies, dandy warhols, darby st, darren hanlon, daydreaming, elephants, elliott smith, ewan macgregor, femininity, feminism, feminist theory, films, fiona apple, food, foucault, gelato, gender studies, gin and tonics, gomez, gypsy swing, hating john howard, holidays, holly throsby, house, house parties, hugh laurie, hugs, iain banks, impressionism, ioan gruffudd, italian food, jaffles, jane austen, johnny depp, judith butler, kissing, laughing, little birdy, margaret atwood, medicine, melbourne, milo, movies, new buffalo, new cds, newcastle, newtown, nip/tuck, parties, phd, photography, pizza, politics, postmodernism, poststructuralism, press gang, pride and prejudice, procrastinating, punch, qotsa, queer as folk, rain, reading, research, road trips, russian, sarah blasko, saturday mornings, scotland, scottish accents, second hand bookshops, six feet under, sleeping in, snout, social theory, sociology, squirrel nut zippers, staying up late, storms, summer nights, sydney, sydney uni, the clouds, the greens, the late show, the saints, the shins, thesis, travel, trivia, university of newcastle, vodka and cranberry, weekend newspapers, writing, you am i,

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